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1. I thought it was a very nice song to sing, definitely a song the audience would be able to connect with. And as usual, Scotty delivered the message behind the song really well!
2. That was a great song choice by Jimmy Iovine! It allowed Scotty to push a little beyond his comfort zone, while still sticking to his roots. I think Scotty took Round 2.
3. Man I got goosebumps all over when he was singing! Another awesome song choice by the judges.

1. It was a fun song, but I didn't think it was the perfect song choice to do one week before the finale. I thought that she should have done something more memorable, rather than just a nice, fun song.
2. The song had the potential for her to have a moment, but she fumbled technically, which was a huge waste. I loved the emotions, but I'm worried that her losing herself halfway would be bad for her in the end.
3. I was wondering what she could do with that song, or what the song could do for her. I guess it was a nice, sweet song, very typical of Lauren. But I wouldn't say I was as impressed as Jennifer was, hmm.

1. Kudos to her for continuing with the song like nothing happened when she fell down! That took such courage, hee. That first song made me wonder if Haley was bringing back James Durbin by rocking it out. But I really enjoyed the performance, I agree with the judges that she won Round 1.
2. That was a really interesting song choice, I think it fit her personality. It didn't showcase the growls we all love, but I thought that she did a great job. And she looked gorgeous there!
3. Another great delivery, great song choice, it's a song that most people know, I'd think. She definitely had fun with it as well, which was great to watch.

Hmm, I realise that Randy was extremely nice to Haley tonight. Maybe he's given up being tough on her since the audience would vote her through everytime he criticised her lol.

I feel that Haley won Round 1, Scotty won Round 2, and Round 3 was an evenly-matched round with all three of them having done a great job. It's a tough fight, I'd say. As usual, DialIdol has it that Scotty is safe, which just crushed all my hopes of an all-female finale. But I think that Scotty did an incredible job tonight. I felt that he was the only one who slayed it round after round. So if he does make it to the finale, he deserves it, but yeah, I'd feel bored by that.

I'm actually worried for Lauren this week. We've seen that Scotty has his mega fanbase, and Haley has recently garnered lots of votes. And to be honest, Lauren didn't do a stellar job tonight, so I'm REALLY worried about her. I'd so much rather have her in the Final 2 than Haley. 'Cos if Scotty and Haley were in the Final 2, Scotty would definitely win. But if it were Scotty and Lauren, Lauren could still take the crown! Ahhhhh please please please let Lauren be safe!!!!!

Man it's a tough vote. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. I just want Lauren to be safe! Hee.

I've given up hope of Scotty being eliminated at this point. It's looking like he could win, I'll predict him and Haley for the finale.


Scotty's first song choice... was a good self choice! He managed to hit the high notes.. in the middle he got lost for about 15 seconds and went flat a little, but other than that I had goosebumps listening and i could really feel his soul when he's singing. And this is coming from a person who's always complaining about him being UTTERLY BORING at times. I would say the arrangement of the song was extremely apt and good as well!

Okay, Scotty's second song sounded like a down-to-earth country song and it's not my type of song at all. And it's the type of song that I always find extremely boring and doesn't attract me at all. I seriously think Scotty should stick with love songs, with a little country feel and try and smoothen all those girls who're going extremely crazy over him. Not a good second round for me for Scotty. But we still have ROUND 3 and I can't wait for Steven's choice.

Scotty's rendition of She Believes In Me was amazing. Really brought about goosebumps and I can say that Steven had a really really good song choice for him! Scotty's last song was smokin' hot! :lol: I think he really has a good chance in the final 2 and he deserved it with his amazing performance this week! He really grew a lot as a performer and I completely agreed with JLo!


Haley started the first song really sexy, with her unique vocals and as usual, selling the sex appeal. :lol: Oh dear, but when the pace started picking up I thought she completely didn't get the mood/tone and feel of the song correctly. I didn't find the song attractive in anyway at all. Vocals were acceptable but the way the song was presented was even more boring than Scotty's second song. I didn't like the arrangement and Haley went flat for a couple of times. The ending of the song, i felt like she was more of like chanting rather than singing and I couldn't hear the lyrics clearly. Not a good first song choice and I really didn't like it, but apparently i'm on different league with Randy and Steven who gave her standing O.

Haley's second song (Rhiannon) was what I thought should be the song (but it's still a weird song) that she should stick to. It really showcased her vocals to the maximum and what kept Haley thus far in the competition was her unique vocals and I think that each and every single week she should be performing songs like this which can fully show her potential as well as unique vocal and singing technique/qualities. HOWEVER, the song got a little boring towards the end and it seemed again as if she was chanting and then it ended abruptly. I didn't like the arrangement. Oh oh, is it me who's harsh towards Haley this week or am I not the only one? But at least this song choice did show that she can sing... but the song choice I feel IMO was still weird.

And what.. Randy picked a song for Haley?! Let's see how it works out. Okay.. sounds like a good song choice. I'm starting to feel the soul and the attitude of the song which I know Randy wanted Haley to showcase. Again this song showcased Haley's vocals to the maximum but I got lost in the middle for a bit.. then I realized something's missing...

It's the factor of a memorable performance.

Haley has performed 3 songs tonight which no one's going to remember IMO. As i compare all 3 of Haley's performance with Scotty, i feel that she is at a losing edge because after listening to Haley's performance and if you ask me whose concert would I prefer to go to, i'll choose Scotty's one based on the performance tonight.

Haley, great VOCALS. Great great vocals, but mediocre song choices and performances, would it be enough to bring her to the finale?!


--- Quote from: Prophet on May 19, 2011, 11:13:38 AM ---I've given up hope of Scotty being eliminated at this point. It's looking like he could win, I'll predict him and Haley for the finale.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, it certainly looks like Scotty could win. His fanbase is not getting any smaller, and he's been performing pretty well all this while. I'd rather have him and Lauren in the Final 2, but well...


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