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CBS Upfronts! TAR 2011-12 Schedule!!

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No change for TAR!

This means we will be seeing TAR 19 in our usual time frame!

--- Quote ---     Sunday night has an award-winning flare.  The acclaimed and always top-rated 60 MINUTES opens at 7:00 PM, followed by the seven-time Emmy Award winning series, THE AMAZING RACE, at 8:00 PM, leading into the critically acclaimed, award-winning drama, THE GOOD WIFE, at 9:00 PM.  The always successful CSI: MIAMI caps the night at 10:00 PM.
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Press Release:

America's Most Watched Network Adds Five New Series 


New Dramas Include a Thriller from J.J. Abrams, PERSON OF INTEREST, And Two Shows with Very Cerebral Twists - UNFORGETTABLE and A GIFTED MAN


Comedies Feature 2 BROKE GIRLS from Michael Patrick King ("Sex and the City"), and Two 'Odd Couple' Guys In HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN


CSI Moves to Wednesday at 10:00 PM, THE GOOD WIFE Relocates to Sunday at 9:00 PM and RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Moves to Saturday at 8:00 PM


19 Series Return to Top-Rated Line-Up


UNDERCOVER BOSS and THE 2-2, a New Drama from Tribeca Productions and Executive Producers Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, to Premiere Mid-Season


     NEW YORK - CBS announced today its new 2011-2012 primetime schedule, ordering five new series and making key time-period moves for CSI and THE GOOD WIFE to strengthen its already top-rated primetime lineup.  CBS will, once again, finish the season as America's most watched network, marking the eighth time it has done so in the last nine years.

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Yay! :jumpy:

Thanks Peach! :)

YAY!!  :jumpy:

--- Quote from: georgiapeach on May 18, 2011, 02:05:41 PM ---No change for TAR!
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awww, at the main page this topic shows as "CBS Upfronts! TAR 20..." so I had my hopes up that CBS had renewed TAR for another season lol

oopsie...sorry about that!

But they renewed PHIL!! so for now I can live with that!

--- Quote ---It's another non-elimination round for Phil Keoghan, who has just signed a new deal to continue for several more years as host of CBS' The Amazing Race.
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