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Jersey is one of my fav Housewife shows!  They are such a train wreck, how can you not watch?   :lol3: I have it DVR'd and probably won't get to it until tomorrow but from all I've read today on line, sounds like this season is starting off ugly.  Beverly Hills and OC are the other two I love.  The MONEY on BH!  OMG!

AHHHHH I cant deal with the wanna be famous trash of the NJ ladies :bags ( and i use that term loosely) not sure if it's just all the BAD dealings I've had with jersey  but they just re inforce whatever im thinking of them.. and yeah it's NOT good! :lol3:

loved BH and Atlanta.. OC i'm making it thru it and Miami was just a waste!! NY ehh   there's just something about ramona's eyes and her imaginary status quo that turns me off.. Atlanta was REAL to me  even though phedra molested a pickle during this season! :lol3: and beverly hills well i agree BamBam. $$$$ can't beat looking at all that money can buy!

 theze nj'z with the you'z and wanna be "mob talk" just make me ill! LOL i'm sure i'll implode before the season is over..  :killme:

 on the bright side i may not gripe too much  when BB starts since they've already exhaust me!  :crazy

RHNY: :neener:

OK these women have totally separated themselves from each other not only in pecking order but in moral order and in ego order!

Ramona.. hmm lypo?? really?? how bout getting your lazy eye fixed this way when you are freaking out i know who the heck your freaking out over! It rolls from left ot right  and im never sure  ur pissy at the person in front of you ( no offense to others that have that issue. but she has the money to fix it!)

I'm loving Luann right now.. she's a giant over all of them.. i know sometimes a little pretentious but she's got that status to be that. maybe that's why Ramona is freaking out all the time.. jealousy.  :purse:

 back to Ramona: you freak!! you bring a case of wine to a charity event!! if you cant drink anything but PINOT GRIGIO then don't freakin DRINK!  charity = donations.. what did you give?? NOTHING!! but  made a name for yourself as a BOOZER!!! and asking the event planner's daughter to clear up glasses?? that's not your spot!! I cant wait for someone to trip her.. this way when she shows her :ass: at least we know why it's out there!

 I'm really  liking Kelly... I didn't see last years major meltdown.. but Ramona is giving me angina :killme: so i can associate with Kelly..  I'm glad she's got faith in Luann as a Friend

 Alex.. you are not a model. and yeah when you put on make up stop being a lazy :ass: and take a shower or at least wash your face before going to bed!! I;m sure that pile of cake face on your pillow serves your sequence wearing hubby just fine when you're POOFIN up ur wild mane!

 Jill..  you get sucked into the drama too fast.. sit back and just let Ramona insert her own foot in her mouth . no need for you to be a casualty while she's trying to prove how HIGH up ON THE society ladder she ISN'T!

 Sonja.. really??? no underwear?? flashing ur gyna on a kitchen table?? hope they burned that puppy down!! or at least PURELLED the crapola out of it!!  and you are not the toaster over queen.. I've been doing it way long before you were a pit in the NY apple!! let me see you make eggs and bacon on a roll with it!! ha  ha ha and where's the cook book.?? like Kelly said it's non existant!

Cindy is just too down to earth and too nice for 3 of those women.. and with them off to Morocco for the next 3 Weeks.. I'm sure she will find out how miss placed she realy is.. I think you should migrate over to MOBWIVES.. you seem like you'd be a better fit with them. :lol3:

 can I say BORING?? I fell asleep like 3x's watching it  i had to rewind each time. and still didnt get why they even pieced togther any of the material they did! :idgit

I get that divorce is a horrible thing but why is that the focus of the episode? :iok

gretchen and Slade seem to be the only mediocre drama ther  if it werent for the "tubba a wubba" comments i wouldnt have known they werre in the episode! :lol:

 This  was one HUGE major YAWNer! :whoop:


Ok it scares me how much black eyeler is used!  :lol3:

 Teresa so far has shown she IS the better of the siblings. Joe has caused the  most current riff and his wife melissa needs to shut her trap..  :knuckles: it's family and whether you are married to the man  or not.. it's between them. She  is doing eactly what she is accusing her brother in law of  doing to her father in law. yapping in his ear and getting in his head.

Kathy.. ugh.. what can i say.. PICK A SIDE.. and stay loyal.. she wants to play both sides of the  family.. don't ridicule someone for  an uproar at a family event and then butt your nose in while they are all there at the brownstone for a fsashion show. and Yes even though they were pretending to be nice leave it at that!

one more thing about Kathy: Wrong place sista!!!  :ugot and Teresa you are right  to make sure that everyone knew she was instigating at the Brownstone event!

I'm sure there will be a brawl sooner or later.. i just wonder which HW 's it will be with! :meow:


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