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LOL at Ugot's recaps. Nailed em! What on earth IS wrong with Ramona and her eyes. And seriously if you bring your own wine then insist on drinking it, don't you think you might have a problem? I do need to learn that technique, start a raging argument then insist that you aren't there to fight and won't listen.

I love Kelly and LuAnn, Kelly never talks badly about anyone and LuAnn seems to have the most common sense. I like Jill too but she did seem to be a little.... picky/*itchy in last week's episode. Morocco will probably end up being three weeks of hell for all of them and this time it looks like Ramona could be the picked on victim.

Vickie! Surprise that there is a divorce in the works? Not for me. I don't know how Donn could stand all the snide comments over the past few years. Vickie is a control freak, craving love and attention from her captive audience, her employees. Every chance she gets she lets us know about her work, her success, her drive, her money. No place for Donn in that relationship. I think he should consider dating Jeana, she'd treat him like he deserves to be treated. Valued for himself.

AHHHH Donn don't date jeana!! :rfth:

Morroco & romona no pinot grigio to be had! LOL thats what i think the preview is of her on the bed in full on convulsions & tears! :lol3:

What did you think of "hangergate"?  Seriously?  :groan:

Just read Vicki's blog and Briana is back in the hospital.  Poor girl.   With a mother like hers I think I would be in a psych ward.  :colors

I finally got to se RHNY  and once again i feel asleep thru it! Does that tell ya anything about this show! :lol3:

 the blondes v the brunettes..  how  completely :meow: typical

 ramono is the most  reeeeediculous of  the group.. asking for help to unpack her clothes! and yess BamBam the hangergatre.. HANGERS---serioulsy??? :doh:  Cindy shoulda just left it alone and Luann should have just stayed out of it.. although she invited the girls on a TRIP she's not THE HOST! :groan:

The blondes off away from the brunettes doing thier thing and the brunettes feeling insulted  is another rediculous plot that Bravo is trying to make an issue.. i'm susre it wasnt a huge thing.

 there  was no real HW drama in this episode.. no wonder there are rumors of Bravo wanting to replace the cast!

Can ramona be more insulting to the people at the hotel?
 Can Luann think anymore higher of herself?
 can kelly get her head outa her butt and think for herself?
Can Jill just say what she thinks of a person to thier fsace.. oh yeah that will finally happen next week! guess i have to tune in!! :lol3:

 last but not least the party held at a B&B :lol3:  I think NY wants the highrisers of NY but the lifestyle of RH of Beverly Hills  and they all fall way short of that gem!


--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 25, 2011, 10:22:09 PM ---AHHHH Donn don't date jeana!! :rfth:

Morroco & romona no pinot grigio to be had! LOL thats what i think the preview is of her on the bed in full on convulsions & tears! :lol3:

--- End quote ---

Will we find out why Ramona is sobbing hysterically on the bed? (Convulsions!)  :lol3: 

I thought it was (semi) hilarious that Sonja was 3 sheets to the wind at her masquerade party and forgot a vital piece of her clothing which she revealed to the guests and Us.  :keeta:  and then again in Morocco. Even Alex was mortified by Sonja and Ramona's ugly American actions in the limo and with the hostess at the guest house. Props to Alex!

Every year it seems to be someone's turn to be the victim, in other seasons it was Alex and her husband, Jill, LuAnn and this year it's Ramona's turn. She does seem to be a little dependent on the Pinot Grigio.

I like the brunettes, and I'm not keen on two of the blonds. LOL


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