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OMG with this RHof New Jersey!  :groan: :groan: :groan:

 First off all the other opening housewive shows they are holding something. NY- apple, Beverly Hills- Diamonds , Atlanta - peach.. guess what NJ chics hold.. stumped?? well  they hold NOTHING!! and why is that.. cuz they got NOTHING!!

I dont mind watching a train wreck but  tone down the black eyeliner and leopard prints!! :lol3:

 I cant believe how much anxiety the NJ version has given me this morning. If i watched it last nite i'm sure i woulda knocked someone out!  :ugot

I can say that as poor and uneventful NY  housewives is i would rather watch that then to watch the "animals" that erupted in a full on brawl and cursing out at the blessed Christening  they were at. Not to mention that the place where the event was held has some emotional and historic background to the owner.  you can read about it here:  http://www.themanorrestaurant.com/  I've been ther and it's a shame to see what RHNJ did in there!

 I have  been at family functions that have blown up UGLY but geesh.. even with the camera's going   that was just too much..big boy Jeoy calling out everyone and yelling at his father who has had 2 open heart surgeries.  :knuckles:

Regardless of where you are you show respect.. :knuckles:  Joey and his wife(who made the sign of the cross with her wrong hand during one scene) claim they didnt get any from  his sister but then he yells and screams an calls her garbage like a spoiled baby at his own sons Christening.. it's a flat out sin if you ask me. I hope he's truely embarrassed..  cant wait till his sons gets to see that when he's older..

This was NOt about the housewives  .. it was all about the testosterone that Joey(theresa Guidice's brother) couldnt handle while drinking.

hopefully next week they will show more of the housewives and less of the men beating thier chests!

 They don't call it "DIRTY JERSEY' for nothing!   :meow:

I have it saved to watch on the DVR, however I did see a little part where Theresa was insulted because after being invited to the christening, was told to leave by the husband using foul language. I was waiting for the table flip by the husband.  :lol3:

I'll do my duty and watch this train wreck which I know WILL happen every week. Is Danielle part of the cast this year?  :snicker:

BTW, I am watching liking/hating the RHOC and NY this year as well.

I'm not sure if Danielle will be in it..  right now i cant get past the first episode! :meow:

lordy help anyone who gets in my way today!  :lol3:


--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 17, 2011, 01:21:40 PM ---I'm not sure if Danielle will be in it..  right now i cant get past the first episode! :meow:

lordy help anyone who gets in my way today!  :lol3:

--- End quote ---

It was that good eh?  :lol3:


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