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The first episode ratings are in! Not too bad! 1,258,000 viewers nationally. 5th highest show of the day over all networks.

To give you a run down, basically any show that gets over 1 million is considered very good.

The real test is episode 2, if it drops below the million, then Channel 7 may push the times back to later in the night (which the networks over here tend to do very often).


Slight drop in viewer numbers for the 2nd episode. 1,144,000 viewers nationally.

It won it's timeslot but dropped slightly to 7th most watch show of the day.

The show is pulling pretty good numbers but we need these figures to stay strong for any chance of the show being renewed.


Episode 3 ratings were 1,135,000 viewers nationally.

Good to see people are still staying with the show and not dropping off too much. However it will be interesting to see if there's any loss next week due to the Big W women being elimintated??

Episode 4 brought a slightly higher ratings!! 1,165,000 viewers nationally. Seems like the loss of the Big W women did not affect the viewer.

It looks like we're hitting the 1 million mark consistently, hopefully that stays all season. I daresay that if it stays at these numbers, the show will be renewed.


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