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EP02/03: Indonesia to Vietnam (via Kuala Lumpur)
EVIDENCE: Sightings at airports

Film Date: 7,8 and 9 NOV?
Air Date: May 23

Leg Tasks/Route:

ROUTE INFO: Fly to Ho Chi Minh City (via Malaysia)
At least two teams on a flight from Malaysia to Ho Chi Minh City on Air Asia flight (DEP 10:35AM) - early morning start, the two team purchased tickets at 5:10am
EVIDENCE: Blogger post Source

ROUTE INFO: Change oil of Jeep at Caltex Service Facility

ROADBLOCK: Khải Định Tomb
EVIDENCE: Picture Source and Promos

DETOUR: Some Walk (TARA3 Leg 2) or Ox Task (TARI Leg 4)

Safe from Elimination at End of Leg:

* Sam and Renae - Last spotted at Macau airport on route to JHB
* Tom and Matt - Last spotted at Ben Gurion International Airport  on route to Sri Lanka
* Richard and Joey - Last spotted at Macau airport on route to JHB
* Nathan and Taylor - Last at Jo'berg intersection
* Anne-Marie and Tracy - Reading HK Clue
Possibly Eliminated:

* Older couple (F with pink jacket) - Last spotted in Malaysia
* Middle-aged married couple? - Last spotted Melbourne Airport
* Mo and Mos - Last spotted on Gili Trawangan Island, Bali
* Mum and dad - - Last spotted on Gili Trawangan Island, Bali    
Status Uncertain:

* Liberty and Ryot
* Jeff and Luke

Next Week on the Amazing Race Australia:

- TASK: Involving ox with anchor attached and mud
- TASK: Carrying chickens in baskets attached to a beam
- DRAMA: Chris and Anastasia at the airport



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Next time on The Amazing Race.

Not sure if this was already mentioned, but Mo and Mos will have a 30 min time penalty if they don't come first this leg because they were in last place in the previous NEL.

Is Ryot & Liberty predicted to get eliminated this leg??


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