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Survivor 23- Who will the 2 returning contestants be?

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Whatever it is, I hope they'll cast smarter and more daring people this time round. I'm tired of looking at old-timers dominate the entire season.

Reilly Queens:
I really wish they would bring back some wayy back survivors, like the good old early seasons where you know they actually had to SURVIVE!!

Also, bring back Exile Island, PLEASE! It was such a great twist and the producers complained about people finding idols with no clues, hmm have they thought about Bringing it back?

but If I want someone to return, JULIE BERRY <333

How about Erik and Natalie from FvF? Erik could have won if he wasn't SO STUPID, and I was really disapointed when Natalie wasn't picked for HvV, she was SO DEVIOUS!

Julie? Really? Wouldn't that be awkward? lol

Reilly Queens:
Or Wanda and Jonathan. I could see that go with the redemption thing. Though I swear I saw a Matt Blur :res:


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