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Survivor 23- Who will the 2 returning contestants be?

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I read on the 23/24 post that a rumor was circulating the JFP could be back, possibly him vs. Rupert. Frankly, I can't see JFP coming back after quitting. Rupert, while having once been a fan favorite, is, quite frankly, played out. It would have to be someone who was of similar ilk to Rob, Russell, Stephanie....a favorite, notorious villian, or highly controversial player (I.e. Coach). Or possibly somebody who was taken out due to injury and never was voted out. Until spoilers come out, who do YOU think?

8 castaways have been medivac'd. Mike Skupin in Outback,  Bruce Kanegai from Exile, Gary Striteski from Fiji, Jonathan Penner and James from Micronesia, Joe Dowdle from Tocantins, and Mike Borassi and Russel Swan from Samoa. Fans have been calling for Skupin to come back, and at approximately 48 yrs old he is still young enough to compete again. Jon and James have already had their chances at Redemption. Russel was in tears at being removed. Bruce is probably too old to truely compete, as would be Mike Borassi. I think it would be great for one of these guys to get another chance at the game.

Mister RC:
I'm thinking Ozzy & Amanda would be pretty good choices.  Then I figured Parvati & James would fit in S24, but they'd probably want to throw in Cirie in there since Parvati won already & they'd want people that were close/on pace to win the game.

Really, IMO, if they're going to continue with RI, I'd like to see it with returning players, either in a FvF format or a HvV (50% returnees or 100% returnees).

I don't know about Parv/James/Amanda, that whole crowd. Played out imo. How about Coach vs "The Specialist"? Jeff would love that!

Since Rob can play 4 times... i think Amanda, Parvati or anyone else can too. :lol:

I'm thinking more of one of those epic people who failed time and again and again and again to win.

I have a huge feeling it will be Philip VS Coach, or something like that.



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