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EP11/12 FINALE East Coast SHOW updates and commentary **please read the rules**

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Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.

If you are watching anything but an EST US feed, it is your responsibility to be sure you are not ahead of us if you want to post in this thread. Canadian and Asian satellite feeds are often way ahead of us.

SO PLEASE ** NO WIKI UPDATES or Satellite Viewer updates** to be posted before the show is done airing East Coast time! Anyone breaking the rule is at risk of being banned. 

Otherwise, come watch with us for the best weekly viewing party in town!! :party:

Live stream videos will be posted weekly if we can find them, links below.  For those who are not on East Coast time, you can follow along and PLEASE help update as the show unfolds! We welcome everyone to join in the fun!! :wohoo:

LIVE STREAMING VIDEO LINKS HERE about 10-15 minutes before show time.

HAVE FUN EVERYONE!! :bigwelcome

Can't wait for tonight's show! :hearts:

gotta get down on TARday!

I'm so excited! 1 and a half hour of TAR with no commercial breaks in between for me!  :hearts: :hearts:


Congratulations and good work to all.



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