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Since BB13 is just around the corner i figured i'd make a new thread for ANYTHING Jeff and Jordan related

Tweeted  from Jeff  in Miami

She's so cute!  What are they doing now?

I'm really not sure what either of them are doing "industry wise"  I was surprised and happy to see them tweet this pic from South Beach Miami! I wonder what they are doing since Phil is with them! :lol:

Jeff tweets from time to time and Jordan has rarely tweeted in the last few months.

I know she was still in school.

They both look Skinny and GREAT! :D

--- Quote from: TexasLady on May 08, 2011, 09:19:07 AM ---She's so cute!  What are they doing now?

--- End quote ---

ahh They are in Miami celebrating 10 years of the Amazing Race!!

tweeted by Phil

@PhilKeoghan Phil Keoghan
 Celebrating 10 years of #TheAmazingRace in #Miami crazy to think how many people I have #Philiminated

This was made by a fan for thier TAR Journey

JEJO Time of their life



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