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S22 EP 13 "Too Close for Comfort"

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Rob is afraid that the RI winner will team up with Ashley and Natalie and take him down

Grant was eliminated. They all went along with Rob again.

I think Ashley could have convinced Natalie, Grant, and Phil to vote Rob off. He would not have played his HII if they told him they would obey and vote for Grant.

Ashley winning IC = <3

Jeff: Natalite, you're so far behind you might as well sit down and watch = :lol:

I kind of like Ashley too. I think she has what it takes to beat Rob in the finale.

The jury could see her as the best alternative since they will obviously not vote for Rob or Phil and Matt is too far removed. No one even remembers him. :lol:

Yay, I'm extremely happy with the results at Redemption Island! I honestly thought that Ralph was gonna stay alive with the huge lead he had. Who knew that he was gonna screw up so badly at the puzzle. Just as well, was never a fan of his and I'm glad the people I'm rooting for stay alive! Lol at Matt staying ABSOLUTELY unfazed during the entire challenge. It was like he was so bored of it lol.

Wow for Ashley winning Immunity this episode! I didn't see that coming, I never saw her as that strong a competitor. But like Rob said, "Ashley all of a sudden became a genius." LOL I couldn't help laughing at that. And Jeff was hilarious during the challenge. "Ashley looking like she grew up going this." "Natalie, you're so far behind you might as well sit down and watch." And then Natalie gives a sigh of frustration. LOL!

Tonight was the first night I felt SOME kinda excitement at Tribal Council. The vote really could have gone both ways. I wanted Grant gone so Ashley and Natalie can band with the person who re-enters the game from RI and get Rob out. I wanted Natalie gone as she'd be easier to beat on RI. In the end, it was Grant gone. That worries me a little as he's SO strong at challenges, he might just kick everyone's butts on RI and get back in the game. And that would suck for the people who stayed there so long. Yes, I mean Matt.

I've completely given up on the Ometepe tribe. Phillip's crazy, Natalie... I have no idea what she signed up for Survivor for, she's not been doing ANYTHING, Ashley should have made moves way earlier in the game. No way any of these people is winning against Rob. Rob absolutely deserves the million with how he ran his entire tribe like camp this whole game. But I stick to my stand that he's extremely lucky he was placed on the Ometepe tribe. I still believe that Zapatera would vote him out in an instant.

I can't wait for the finale! I cannot imagine anyone winning other than Rob. He's played GREAT, he hasn't really betrayed many people... If we were to say someone from RI could win it, I doubt so. Those people did not have the chance to really PLAY the game, they were just surviving on RI. So I say Rob wins. Hmm.


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