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--- Quote from: niro62 on May 07, 2011, 04:34:00 PM ---IM sorry but my english not very well, but I expoes the final 3 fron the promo.
we can see in the pit stop of the final 4 that jen & kisha wearing a bkue shirts.
and than we can see in the wax challenge that kisha/jen wearing a black shirt.
what say the the wax chalange was on the leg of the final 3.
in the promo we can see on this callenge:
1) gary&malory
3) kisha & jen
and they are the final 3 and the next elimited team are: flight time& big easy

--- End quote ---

Welcome to RFF!! 

Flight Time and Big Easy did do the waxing challenge so it was in Brazil and the final 4.

I believe what you see her wearing there is the tank/undershirt she was wearing all day:

Here is a screen cap from the promo and FT getting a waxin'...

Come on WRP really!!! using ticketing images from Leg 2...  :naughty:

NICE catch!


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