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S22 Ep 12 "You Mangled My Nets"

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Looks like a redo of the duel between Matt and Stephanie for the redemption island quadruel.

hopefully this episode will be better than the last two... looking forward to some awesome blindsides!

I don't get it. How come Matt and who's that guy.. can't remember his name... gets family visit as well??

They will enter the game again at this point? OMG. Lame.

Well... I'd guess that since the castaways on Redemption Island are still part of the game, they'd get the same treatment as well. And I think the next entrance from Redemption Island into the game would only happen during the finale, when there're 5 left on the tribe, and 3 on Redemption Island. It'll probably be some endurance challenge again on RI, with the winner entering the game and form the Final 6. And then we're good to go all the way till the end.

Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt!!!!

Except we have a CBS promo saying 8 enter the finale.....


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