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Nice find! Everyone thought it was BG Airport because Raz introduces himself and says "This is BG Airport", and teams are basically shown walking through a door directly to the departure gates.

Cool! I'll update...well, ALL the things I guess. lol.

Finally, after a brief 2-and-a-half months, I've finished Race 8.  Sorry, had a number of disruptions lately!  The big post on page 3 is updated with the links.

One thing I've began to notice with this race is leg departures that were significantly displaced from the previous pitstop without any acknowlegement of such, specifically in Panama.  So I've began to make note of them.

I hope to get Race 9 done by the end of the year, if the holidays don't interfere too much.

TAR23 AND TAR Latin America 5 added to the big list on Page 2!

Problems? Let me know!

At long last, with the help of sveped, I have finally completed my KMZ of TAR Norge 2. Thanks for the hard work, bud!

Note: I basically guessed for the Iguazu Falls, Argentina locations, as I couldn't find any of the places they went to. If anyone would like to help clean those up, please feel free to lend a hand!!

All-Stars KMZ Added! :D


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