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Added HaMerotz LaMillion 3 to the large list on page 2

Forgot to add TAR Canada. Oops! It's there now.

Added The Amazing Race Vietnam 2013 to the large list on page 2

Best Loser:
Ha! YES! I finally have found it! HaMerotz LaMillion's starting line!

(Picture of it in case you don't know or remember)

That is clearly not Ben-Gurion Airport as Wikipedia most incorrectly states. No, it is actually this place, Avenue/Avenue Hall/Avenue Convention Center/Avenue L (I don't know what it's actually called since there isn't much info on the place online in English) in "Airport City", which is about 3 miles east southeast of the airport.

I've placed my point at 3159'9.82"N  3454'56.66"E. Time to find the finish line.


Nice find! Everyone thought it was BG Airport because Raz introduces himself and says "This is BG Airport", and teams are basically shown walking through a door directly to the departure gates.

Cool! I'll update...well, ALL the things I guess. lol.


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