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Theschnauzers, I think what you say makes good sense.  It's possible that an intervening dune might have prevented direct sighting from the second roadblock point, but in the absense of any other confirmed information, Occam's Razor compels us to assume a longer distance.

I think my flaw is that I was trying to make a false choice between about 7 miles and about a mile and a half.  Re-watching the sequence again, it seems certain that Kevin and Drew thought that a vehicle was essential for reaching the roadblock clue, and in all likelihood other teams thought that also.  That could shorten the distance.

Maybe Brennan with his journal might have a recollection of that approximate distance, and Bill has always been generous with any information he has that he can share.  If I ever get the chance, I will ask either or both.

But for now, I will still rate this location with a low degree of confidence.  In my view, this is an ongoing project, and I remain open to adjusting even high-confidence locations when given compelling evidence that it should be.

Aside from that, I have replaced the Excel spreadsheets containing annotations with versions saved in PDF format. 

Velyki Perehony added to the big list on Page 2

Added links for Race 5 to the original posting above.  Also, 1 modification for Race 1:  I was never really happy with the location I had picked for Sea, Land and Trek, but with an episode review I chose a better location.

ETA: Race 6 and 7 links also now added.

hello everyone...

my first post so i hope i do this right. im very late to the party but i hope this is of interest.
i love TAR and GE and this has been a labour of love for me...
too many people to credit and apologies in advance for my mistakes but...

heres my contribution to the TAR GE project. all seasons up to 19. 20 is still WIP... struggling with baku!!
ive tried to plot start lines, airports, detours, roadblocks, route markers and pit stops.

i still remember struggling for hours to fing songwe village!! roll on S23 and the first global TAR so i can enter from Ireland...

all comments more than welcome...

nickf21, we're always grateful for more complete platting of the exact locations for everything we've seen on TAR.

I hope you took/take advantage of the past work to locate those places, especially those referenced upthread since a lot of contributions were involved to help precisely pinpoint those locations in past years, and when more timely information and input was available. Places change appearance over time, and sometimes makes it harder to locate. (Examples the start line for TAR 3 in the Florida Everglades, and the northern Thailand pitstop in TAR 2). It is important to have your work vetted so that the final results are as accurate as humanly possible.


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