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Checked my "hometowns" of Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, and Cambridge; looking good!

Two edits to the Hong Kong maps:
1. Herbal Tea in TAR 2 was on 53 Reclamation St (remembering the street number after 10 years; but I think it's correct), on Kowloon between Saigon and Pak Hoi Sts, not Aberdeen.
2. The tram detour in TAR 19 was on the north side of the island, starting at Hennessy Rd and Queen's Rd E and turning around at the tram roundabout/terminus at the junction of Yee Wo St and Leighton Rd.

I think there was an unaired location in the Chicago finale where the Chicago Fire started... Can someone else verify?

I couldn't access the TAR 16 maps (bounced to TAR 15)... Do you mind checking the link?

Neobie, I remember the Mrs. O'Leary's barn being a location as well. Wiki gives a sourced address for the barn as 137 DeKoven Street, Google Maps says the address is currently numbered as 558 West DeKoven.

Hope that helps!


--- Quote from: Neobie on May 23, 2013, 04:38:11 PM ---I couldn't access the TAR 16 maps (bounced to TAR 15)... Do you mind checking the link?

--- End quote ---

TAR 16 Maps are here:,21546.0.html

Oops, yes the TAR 16 link was wrong. I fixed it.

Hi!  I'm a little late to the party, but I hope I still have something to contribute!

We recently began a TAR rewatch, and while proofing some spreadsheet info I thought it would be nice to map out locations visited, and it occurred to me that Google Earth would be an excellent medium in which to do so.  While I was searching for hints as to where Ban Plai Pong Pang might be, I stumbled across this thread.

Having taken so much from others in various forums, I'd like to give back a little.  Here's the work I've completed so far, for races 1-3.  Now speaking personally, I love the idea of attaching annotations directly to the kmz entries, but do not love the boxes that float on the screen when flying to the new location.  So I have companion annotation spreadsheets for each race.  In addition to locations, they contain clue verbage (original and/or reconstructed), confidence ratings (how confident I am that I have located each site correctly), and some justifications (particularly if my choice differs from Neobie's or GB's).

I'd welcome any comments, feedback and corrections as appropriate.  My biggest goal is more information for everybody!

Update:  See reply #108 for combined files for races 1-10.


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