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Hey guys, I'm working on plotting all the historical Pit Stops of TAR to as accurate a point as possible, and right now I'm stuck on the Starting Line of TAR 3 in the Everglades. The credits list "Miccosukee Indian Village", but I'm pretty sure that's not the starting line. Here are some other clues:

1. Behind Phil is an airboat. I can't tell land from water on Google Earth within the Everglades, do you guys know how?
2. The sixth picture listed here is of teams travelling east along Route 41, just before the intersection with Loop Rd.

Any ideas, guys?

Yes.  The start line is near (as in "behind" the village. If you look at the cars the teams drove onto U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) there is a dirt road IIRC that they turn off of onto the highway.

I confirmed this with Drew Riker at TARCON 3, when it would have been fresh in his memory.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the location is far more developed now due to the Indian casino than it was in 2002 when the start was filmed.

Edited to add:  Neobie, the location would be well to the "west" of the US 41 intersection with Loop Road; If I recall correctly, it was actually west of the county line between Miami-Dade and Collier counties.

There's been some clear development on both sides of the highway, as I do not remember seeing that many structures along that area of 41 at the time. One possibility is a short dirt road that had a camera icon in Google Earth with the address of 54002 US 41 . The one thing I definitely pinned down in talking with Drew about it was that it was past the "Bid Bend" which is where US 41 turns towards the NW for a distance and then back towards the west headed towards Naples.

It other words, the drive was further away out from Miami than the reference to Loop Road.

This is a great idea! I'd love to be able to just look at a map and tell exactly where TAR has been. Maybe you could include all the route info/roadblocks etc as well afterwards? Let me know if you'd like help doing this!

This is not a historical pitstop, but I live about 7 miles from the Tillikum Retreat in Newberg, Oregon where the final leg detour of Season 13 was.  Its on NE North Valley Road just outside of Newberg.

Thanks guys, and thanks TheSchnauzers for the help with Miami! There's only one location that matches the clues: a service reservoir just south of the Dade Collier Airport. I now have the locations for all Pit Stops in TARs 1-5, down to an accuracy I'm pretty happy about! (With the exception of Ban Plai Pong Pang, and the boats-floating-in-harbours Pit Stops...)

Now moving on... if anyone can figure out the Ile de Goree Pit Stop in TAR 6, that'd be pretty amazing! It doesn't help that there's no name to it, so I'm randomly searching Panoramio for something that fits...

I'd be happy to move on to other locations once I have all the Pit Stops down!


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