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--- Quote from: puddin on June 26, 2004, 06:07:38 PM ---
 He describes himself and Alison as "both good looking, outgoing and extremely competitive." 

--- End quote ---

Does he not realise that on the AR we always cheer for the underdog? ;D

 :D @ Texan

Ok I have next weeks TV guide in my hand ..more focus on Ally & Donny and, its funny  :D

Hot list
the Amazing Race 5 and Big Brother 5
the reality shows that make house arrest and traveling coach seem sexy return for their fifth seasons with , some new twists and one familiar, annoying face . Thats Right. Last years BB loser Alison Irwin is running the Race with her beau, who is probably longer-suffering than some of her previous housemates.
                                        Damian J. Holbrook

Ok...puddin...the next post I make is for you!  I have the pictures I just have to see if I know how to post them!  Lets see if this works!

Ok...I couldnt do it!  What is the trick, how do i insert a picture?

 :D...Pittgirl !! I cant wait to see the picture..
Try this
Do you have a URL

EX ~
you would insert that between the image thingy
or below there is a additional options thingy
if you picture is saved in your documents ..browse and open that picture
or if all else fails E-mail it to me and I will put it up for you :D

Saw this~
From:  Alison Irwin <alisonbb42003@y...>
Date:  Wed Jul 7, 2004  5:19 pm
Subject:  hello guys!
how are things? Just giving ya'll a little update. I'm MOVING AGAIN.. I know its crazy..but I got transferred. Dont want to say where yet frankly...DONNY DOENS"T KNOW.. (probably untill now when he reads this....SURPRISE! ) lol
anyways...I'm gonna be away for like 3 internet. SO...just thought I'd let  you all know that I AM watching bb5 and TAR...and BB5 SUCKS now..I think its just god aweful what they are doing to these poor people. Justin and I talked last night during the show...and decided that we were thankful that we were stuck with each other!  :)
I hope all is well..and I'll write ya in a few weeks. Untill then.. TRY TO STAY TUNED... (from what I hear...donny and I get into it pretty good in next weeks episode...) no surprise here considering that i'm DRAGGING a moron across the world.
ali wrote

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