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All ferns should be named Izad to honour the term in future. :lol:

Were teams allowed to use Ferns in TAR 17? I can't remember. ???
If so, then this may be a special rule for TAR 18 to make the race harder. If not, then TPTB must have implemented a new permanent for the safety of the Racers. :duno:

Its probably an insurance issue.

Imagine if a fern got injured in an accident while helping a team. They may see an opportunity to sue the rich Americans in their own, perhaps biased, courts.
Insurance companies don't like to take risks, the easiest thing to do is just prohibit the use of local ferns.

It may well be an insurance issue that is noticeable this season because of all of the self-driving.
There really hasn't been a lot of tasks where a Fern would have been particularly helpful this season other than navigating a vehicle, or taking a hired vehicle. In fact this week with the local rail in Vienna that has been one of the few times it would have mattered.

I seem to be one of the few who are happy about the "death of ferns." I like to see a level playing field and one that is easily tilted by developing instant personal relationships (or in the case of Charla and Mirna coercion) is too much tilt!


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