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Don't forget about the lovely Fern in Beijing who saved our lives! Then, we all tried fit in the back of cab but it's too cramp and we couldn't get the door close so we had to ditch our Fern  :(


--- Quote from: DeafRacer on October 05, 2011, 11:26:25 PM ---I know the answer about the ferns........

But, I'll let you guys  :meow:


--- End quote ---

Where you explicitly banned from using them? do spill the goss  :<3

Must be hard not be allowed to say anything.... lol

I'm actually friend with few Ferns on Facebook that helped us on Season 14 and 18 so that's pretty cool to have the connection.

There were one part that weren't shown on Season 14's Second Leg.  We ran into this sweet old couple at the dock after we finished our cake detour. They were sweet enough to offer to lead us to the pit stop. That's our first Ferns!

Now, there's the editing... It made it look like we left first before Brad & Victoria.... But for real, Brad & Victoria actually left the dock to the pit stop before we could leave. We were at the dock for like good 30 minutes after Brad & Victoria left. But with the ferns' help, we managed to beat Brad & Victoria to the pit stop.

Ferns def. do have an impact on the Race!

Now, it's up to you guys to debate if the Ferns are really dead or they're still around...

The detours from last week's episode - they are not really the Ferns. They're just random people on streets just happened to donates their $$ to the racers.

Many of them had to use Ferns to get the phonecard thing right...we see shots of at least one!


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