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S22 Ep 10 "Rice Wars"

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Well, No one can say Rob at playin the game.

He sure as heck won't have any friends either lol

I hate the fact he is turning into Russell though. That depresses me
cause I wanted him to win

how is he turning into Russell? His social game is way better than this smelly troll's. His edit is way more positive than his allstar edit. We were NOT shown Rob making F2 promises to ANYONE. Editing has emphasized on Zapatera - particularly Mike and David respecting Rob and his gameplay. We have seen Zapatera hating on the Ometepe tribe, but not Rob in particular. Yes he is kind of a D, but only to the cameras. He does not talks S to people in their face like Russell did. Rob has a perfect goat of Phillip to bring to the final, along with either Ashley - who is edited as a giant B or Natalie who can not even string to comprehensive sentences together. So as for now, Rob is actually my number 1 pick to win

when i say "turning into russell" i mean the gloating that he has been doing. he has been doing a lot of gloating the ,ast couple of eps. i dont remember him gloating so much

I would gloat of I had so much power over others that if I tell them not to eat, they don't eat. I don't think even Russel, the "Puppet Master" could do that.


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