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Because We're Here: The Web Series
« on: September 21, 2011, 08:56:11 PM »

Check out the brand new sitcom based in Montana!

"Because We're Here” follows the lives of Colton Smith and Phil Paradise, two childhood friends from Orange County adapting to life in Missoula, Montana. With the help of their friends, Phil and Colton spend their days yearning to find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Because We're Here is a little hard to classify. On one hand, it is a sitcom. On the other hand, it is a pseudo-reality show with one thing most reality shows today ironically lack: a basis in reality. While many reality shows often come across as being heavily staged and rarely portraying "reality", Because We're Here feels as if you are watching real stories and events unfold. The reason? Simple: they are real. Instead of trying to create far-out schemes and plots that are entirely fictional, the beauty of Because We’re Here is the fact that almost everything you see on the show has actually taken place.  The crew realized that the best stories and scenes that they were writing for were ones taken from their own lives. The arrest of a certain cast member may seem exaggerated in the show, but fortunately (or unfortunately...however you choose to look at it) it played out in reality the same way as it did in the episode – no pants and all. 

Thus, the concept for Because We're Here was born: fusing scripted comedy with situations based on real-life events. When it comes down to it, truth is stranger than fiction, and no one knows this better than the cast of Because We're Here. After years of living and documenting the stories that make up the show, the members of C4 Productions decided it was time for the world to live them too.

And what better place to set these stories than Missoula, Montana? Surrounded by mountains and big sky, this Montana college town has a little bit of something for everyone. With awe-inspiring scenery and far-out settings, Missoula serves as the perfect setting for Because We’re Here. Whether you want to hit up the bars downtown or hike through Grizzly country, one thing is certain - you'll meet some interesting people. A day in Missoula may appear anything but normal; for C4 Productions, it’s just another hideous day in paradise.
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Re: Because We're Here: The Web Series
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Welcome to RFF BWH! Good luck with your venture. I'm sure there are many cultural differences between Orange County and Missoula Montana that will give you inspiration. (Missoula is a beautiful city and so is Montana.)

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