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Need Help from Amazing Race Fans!


Caped Crusabre:
Hey Everyone,

I'm turning to fans of The Amazing Race for some help.

This past summer, my fiancée and I got engaged and the proposal I set up was based on The Amazing Race since we're both big fans of the show. I sent her on a surprise journey where various tasks awaited her, complete with clue envelopes, and travel by car, boat, and plane! At the pitstop was me dressed in a suit, ready to propose to her.

Recently, my fiancée entered us in an online contest about engagement stories, and ours was picked as a finalist. To get a chance to win, we now need people to "vote" for our story. We've been canvassing all our friends, family, and co-workers to help us out, and I thought I'd post something here to see if maybe some of you would be willing to take a minute to vote for our Amazing Race story. We need all the help we can get!

There's no catch, but you do have to be a Facebook user to "vote." As you'll see, the site wants you to "like" our story using your Facebook account.

Feel free to check it out. Here's the link: http://www.nocesdesoleil.ca/en/finalists-craig-michelle/

Thanks for any help you can provide. If anyone wants to hear all the details of the Amazing Race proposal I set up for her, just let me know!


Welcome to RFF CC and good luck with the contest. 

Okay, let's help a fellow race fan.  Takes less than  1 minute.   If you already have a FB accout all you have to do is click on the link and click Like, that's it. 

It'a a great story also!!!

Caped Crusabre:
Thanks for welcoming me on board, s1!

It was a lot of fun for my fiancée, all our friends who helped, and myself. I'm just impressed I was able to pull it off!

Caped Crusabre:
A sincere thank-you to everyone that may have voted for us!

Tomorrow (Apr 15th) is the deadline to vote, so if you haven't already checked out the link, please feel free to do so. We can certainly use all the support we can get!

Thanks again!


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