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Mug Costanza:
From a post about halfway down:

--- Quote ---Yes, it will be produced for the Swedish version. Do you and a friend / partner / relative to be with you can email [email] [/ email] with info about you and why you should be in the contest. Include a picture too. Prize money: a quarter million.

Learned it from a friend who turned it down.
--- End quote ---

Now granted, this is the Google Translate version of the page, but it seems like a pretty good translation to me... Granted, I don't speak Swedish. :lol:

Oh yes, and THANK YOU, ASAR!  :hearts:

Thanks asar!!

We're getting a lot more franchises filmed in local languages.  This could be interesting to see how the name of the game elements are literally translated into the various local languages.

ZBC Company:
wooh sweden why dont combine sweden make all around erouppe race what next africa

This reminds me of Lena & Kristy... :(

And, I want TAR to come to my country... PLEASE.


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