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I found this and peach asked me to put it here. Maybe you all could help us figure out what this is?

Scroll down to the comment by dropout on march 16th:

--- Quote ---In Vung Tau, south of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, I stumbled across a tv crew filming an Amazing Race-esque show. I couldn’t work out what language they were speaking – maybe Swedish? Their colour scheme was different too. A purple clue box instead of the red and yellow AR one. It was very funny to watch. The contestants had to run into town to collect something, then meet on the beach to do a stick dance (a Polynesian thing, I thought).
--- End quote ---

TAR Israel?? Pekin Express?? Local dealio??  :duno:

It might be actually very well nordic version of amazing race. Not many too months ago there was an application out there for a show where you needed to be a pair(Couple,married,dating) and you were suppose to be prepared to travel around the world.  I guess we have to wait and see.

Mug Costanza:
Do you know where we could find that application, asar?

Unfortunatly the application isn't anymore up at moviemall.
However I found about it long time ago through forum and people are confirming here that it's swedish version of TAR.

Ja, det kommer att produceras en svensk version. Vill du och en vän/partner/släkting vara med kan man maila med info om er och varför ni ska vara med i tävlingen. Bifoga en bild också. Prispengar: en kvarts miljon.

Fick veta det från en vän som tackade nej.

Prize money: 250 000kr around 40 000 dollars (we have only 9 million citizen so budget is gonna be what it's gonna be)


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