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Looks like TAR Israel 2 is now filming in Budapest!
From this blog

Translated from Hungarian by Google...

--- Quote ---Again, Hungary, The Amazing Race - pilisvörösváriak, Hello! (Update)

2011th 04. 01. 21:43 - Posted by: Winnie

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Bence below, zoomable image is shot / sent (big thank you for it!), the zászlókból Also, it can be concluded that The Amazing Race - 6 x 06-07 (Budapest, Eger) and The Amazing Race Asia - 2 × 09 -10 (Szentendre, Visegrád), we again had a season-TAR.

UPDATE: Several locations also got the confirmation that it really turns us Amazing Race section. Tomorrow will continue to rotate (in others), so everyone should be equipped with camera.

Another matter is that I can not évadról, which is currently spinning. The U.S. version will be made later, the Australians have already shown to be leforgott, the third Latin-American summer season also will be the only Chinese in China (May-S2rotate ),the Brazilian is not able to continue , only the second Israeli one small question mark in the season, it does not give info on Wikipedia. The 5th Asia TAR Applications are now accepted in principle the season, so there is away. Oh, and this year will be even more Filipino version. (A French Pekin Express uses a different color.)

UPDATE2: The Post reveals that it was not bad tippelgetés the above, since the only dark spot, The Amazing Race Israel two spins us. Aka HaMerotz LaMillion.

Status update: The Amazing Race Israel 2

2011th 04. 02. 18:00 - Posted by: Winnie

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Only yesterday the post in addition: there is already typed, but it turned out the comments also signals that the Israeli version of The Amazing Race (HaMerotz LaMillion) 2 Pilisvörösvár season was filmed yesterday and today, who is in Budapest, the think-útfél seen by the troops, since the post, and a letter tweeted jeleztétek some people that have seen them. Yesterday the Boráros Square and the Széchenyi Bath, and today including the Museum of Fine Arts, 3 for a tram, the Synagogue and the gödörnél Deák square, where carved ice.
--- End quote ---

ooooh..anybody want to help?? We can spoil this one too!! :lol3:

Thanks WP!! :hearts:

Hey guys!

Just registered to help you translate that post and its comments!
My english's not perfect, but I think it's still way better than the google-translated version:P Excuse me for any non-clear sentences.


Here's the first blogpost regarding this event:

It says:
Bence [name] sent this enlargable picture he took today (big thx for it!), assuming from the flags that after TAR - 6x06-07 (Budapest, Eger [hungarian cities]) and TARA (Asia) - 2x09-10 (Szendendre, Visegrád [also cities]), a new TAR season is being filmed once again in our country [Hungary].

UPDATE: I got confirmation from several other places that there's indeed a TAR leg going on in Hungary. The shooting will continue tomorrow [2nd, April] (elsewhere), so everyone, be prepared and don't forget your cameras.

On another note, I'm not aware of any new season [any version of TAR] that is being shot at this time of year. The new season of the american version will be shot later this year, the to be introduced australian version had already been filmed, the latin-american 3rd season's gonna be this summer, in the chinese version they stay in China (season 2 rolls in May) - no signs of the brazilian version, so the one remains is the second season of the israeli, however there's no info about that on Wikipedia. TARA 5th season is currently selecting applicants, so that's in the future as well. Oh, and perhaps later this year there could be a phillippean version too. (The french Pekin Express uses difference colors [for the flags].)

UPDATE2: Based on the comments of this post, the guess was right, it is confirmed [by the local fans] that currently the TAR Israel Season 2 is being shot here. In it's other name, the Hamerotz LaMilion.

Some infos shared by local fans, read in the comment-section:

"The israeli is being filmed, tonight we've met some of them at the Széchenyi Bath [bather, spa] and we tried to help the last remaining team there, to solve a Rubick's cube. Poor guys were running late, they should have finished this task by 10 p.m., but they were suffering to  solve the cube even after 0130 a.m... :D also, the girl just smashed it instead of rotating it [method to solve the puzzle cube] and she just broke it to pieces than put it back together that way:D their english was not perfect either..."

"There's a team at Deák Square at the Gödör [the Pit - club], they were also looking for its whereabouts before that."

"This friday some people were filming at Boraros Square... could the teams be there?"

"This afternoon [2nd, April] around 0230 p.m. some foreigner in blue outfits were taking the subway train 3, followed by a guy with a giant camera, somewhere along the street of Nagy Lajos."

Here's the second blogpost, the one that's in the first post here:
Translation goes:

A small addition to yesterday's post: as it was stated there, the new season of the israeli version of TAR were being filmed yesterday in Hungary at Pilisvörösvár. Today they were filming at Budapest. Some of you have seen them, shared your comments about them, tweeted about them and mailed us regarding this event. Yesterday they were at Boraros Square, the Széchenyi Bath, today they were at the Museum of Fine Arts, Subway train 3, at the synagogue, at the Gödör [club] at Deák Square, where they needed to smash giant ice cube blocks to get their next clues.

Some infos shared by local fans, read in the comment-section:

"Okay, I live 10 mins from Gödör [club], I went out to look around for them, here are the results, pictures and some vids:

Alas, most of the vids are short coz my mobile was low on battery, but still it can be seen they were trying with desperate measures:)
On some of the pictures: a successful and leaving team, cast and staff eating hot-dogs, discussions being made near the pictures of a competitor team, ice cube blocks being moved... :D"

"They're staying at the Courtyard Marriott at Blaha Lujza Square, they're gonna stay there one more day so if anyone feel the urge to visit them... the cast members are nice and sympathetic, the crew... not so much!"

Hope this helps, if you guys like it, I can post updates here later on.. if there's any.

Cheers from Hungary!

 :wel1:, dolgran! Thanks for the info!

Wow. And everyone had figured after TARI 2 had been cancelled  due to the economic downturn a couple of years ago, that would be it.

And as a matter of coincidence, wasn't Budapest where we had a rabbi task in TAR 6?


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