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congrats LJ and CJ... It has been a great season at least. Its a good final leg and the memory task roadblock. It just proved that a very big fan of the show gave them a big advantage to win. Kudos to CJ and LJ as well

Congrats to LJ & CJ for winning TARP although I prefer if Fausto & Dayal would win so that bashers will be around the Internet  :cmaslol

Best Loser:
I like it when fans win the race. Congrats LJ & CJ!

I'm glad LJ and CJ won and yes, Cocoa.. I've watched the season on Youtube and fast forward every now and then. Very boring, too much details and I still say TAR 21 is better. :)

Horrible final 3, meh winners (twice in one week!).
But overall, I think TARPh was a success.  Fun, exciting.  Overall good cast.
Hope TV5 can find enough sponsors and CEO MVP can pony up enough money to launch a 2nd season. Hehe.


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