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Sweden, Philippines, thats almost versions (imagine all 10 running at one time).

Although I am waiting for a Canadian version.

Maxine Rama:
This thing will be SO overloaded with Mactors.  :lol:

Maxy is back!! :hearts:

I am excited as well!  :wohoo:  :hearts:

I just hope it is legit...  ;)

If it does, I would like to join in the future...  :yess:

Knowing that The Philippines tend to make reality show contestants celebrities, this is so going to be overloaded with Mactors.

If the race route is only in the Philippines and the age limit is 18 and up I will most certainly join. I think the race will only last for 2 weeks so if the race begins on the end of the 1st semester of the school year I will most certainly join. I hope they require to speak english too because I'm not used to watching TAR in another language LOL. If I were to be a contestant in this, this is a good practice run for TARA or TAR! XD


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