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Amazing Race Pinoy Edition nakuha ng TV5

Nabasa namin ang tweet ni Jun Lalin na ang TV5 ang nakakuha ng franchise rights ng Amazing Race Pinoy Edition at nai-announce ito sa harap ng mga advertisers.

Siguradong maraming sasali sa reality show na nagdadala sa mga contestants sa iba’t ibang lugar.

Sino kaya ang magho-host ng Amazing Race dahil parang busy si Paolo Bediones sa rami ng hawak na shows sa TV5 at siya rin ang host ng Extreme Make Over Home Edition plus executive rin siya ng network?

OMG! I'm so excited! Hope they don't cast MACTORS. Even though TV5 got the franchise, it's "Amazing Race". Should be Amazing!

Could oyu add a translation in English to your post?

Here's an English translation, but I don't know how good it is:

--- Quote ---Amazing Race Pinoy TV5 acquired Edition

We read the tweet of the TV5 Jun Contagion took the franchise rights of Filipinos Edition Amazing Race and have announced it in front of advertisers.

Certainly participate in many reality show contestants bringing in different places.

Who will host the Amazing Race because it is busy, Paolo Bediones holding the number of shows on TV5 and he was also the host of Extreme Make Over Home Edition plus he also executive network?

--- End quote ---

I am excited as well, but yes, please translate asap!! Hard to tell if this is a reall announcemwnt or spec??


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