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S22 Ep 7 "It Don't Take a Smart One"

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--- Quote from: The Prophet on March 31, 2011, 10:12:36 AM ---Eleven on Regular Island, two on Redemption Island.

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I know. :res: Eleven as in if there's no RI. :res:



--- Quote from: Ruth on March 31, 2011, 06:12:01 AM ---Wow, Matt won yet again! I really thought that Stephanie would take this one. I was sad to see her go, she really wanted to be here. It sucks that someone with such a fire for the game had to leave. But I ain't complaining too much 'cos ultimately, I'm still rooting for Matt.

I'm starting to get a little annoyed with Rob's alliance. Yes, Phillip can be extremely annoying. But I don't think there's a need to be so rude and arrogant to him by totally refusing him the rice. At least, that's the way I saw it. And for the millionth time I'm wondering... Does no one suspect anything about the HII clue at all? Even if they don't suspect that Rob has it... Surely they should be on the lookout for clues? I'm amazed how Rob's the one who sees it EVERY SINGLE time.

I thought that Zapatera would vote David off in the end. But I'm glad they voted for Sarita. It could be a smarter move on their part as well. David has a high chance in beating Matt at Redemption Island. If he does so, he's gonna come back anyway and when that happens, he's definitely NOT gonna be on Zapatera's side. So by keeping him now, there's still a chance that he'll stick with them. And of course for my biased reason, Matt has a higher chance beating Sarita as compared to David... But I won't say that too soon.

Matt is SO close to getting back in the game. Yet if he loses just one duel, goodbye to him. I really really want him back. And it's gonna be so frustrating if he just misses the merge by losing a duel. Ahhhhhh Matt!!!!!!!

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Obviously Matt has the fire and desire to play the game as well or he wouldn't have won the last 5 duels...  The difference between he and Steph is that Matt is laid back, quiet and somewhat boring and Steph is uptight and mouthy which makes her a little more exciting. LOL  Matt has a quiet confidence which really makes some people mad.  I love Matt and I think winning 5 duels should have already brought him back to the game... If Sarita wins the next duel, that would suck.  I don't think she has the fire and strength to win this game and it would be a total waste of RI.  JMO

As far as Ome tribe... The girls feel very secure under Rob's wing and don't see a need to play this game for themselves.  Andrea almost looked like she might play but in this last episode, it looked as though she was also taken under Rob's wing.  As far as the HII goes, if they ain't looking for it, it's their problem.  I don't think they really care.  Rob was smart enough to look for it and find it.  It's his.  He doesn't need to tell anyone because quite honestly, he knows it might put a target on his back that for now, isn't there.  I know a lot of people don't like Rob, but you have to admit, he plays a hell of a game.  He has his tribe, sans Phillip, under his total control.  Rob is hilarious!  I thought I would pee my pants when he threw the clue in the volcano 'bye bye clue!' He said with a devilish grin... LMAO  That's what the game is about... Outsmart, Outwit and Outlast.  

As far as Phillip, I think if they were making the rice, they should have made enough for everyone.  If everyone likes krispy rice, hello, let all the rice get krispy.  But on the other hand, they didn't make enough and they were saving the last for Rob.  Instead of running away defeated, whiny and acting like a spoiled child, Phillip could have made himself some more, simple as that.  Phillip made his bed.  He has no one to blame but himself.  He came in with the grandiose idea that he was going to rule the roost and all he had to say was that he was ex FBI agent and everyone would fall in line.  Wrong!  So instead of trying to come up with a different stratedgy, he went off the deep end into psycho mode which further alienated himself.  Rob is excited because Phillip is taking any sign of a target off his back.  I think this will ring true with the merge as well.  Phillip will try to control Zap and Ralph will mark him for elimination pronto!  

I foresee David stepping off the Zap wagon and taking his chances with being the low man on the Ome tribe.  So even if Phillip flips, Ome will still have the numbers.  I think Andrea will pull Matt in immediately.  I think Rob might be worried ... But IMO, he doesn't need to be to worried yet.  I see Rob lasting at least a few more weeks.  

I do admire Rob's game and I give him credit for it. But what I'm not so pleased about is how comfortable his alliance is. I haven't seen any bit of strategising from them yet! If I were them, I would be plotting like mad to get rid of Rob. But not under his nose of course.


--- Quote from: Ruth on March 31, 2011, 11:36:28 AM ---I do admire Rob's game and I give him credit for it. But what I'm not so pleased about is how comfortable his alliance is. I haven't seen any bit of strategising from them yet! If I were them, I would be plotting like mad to get rid of Rob. But not under his nose of course.

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LOL I know!  They are absolutely oblivious!  They think as long as Rob is there, they will skate to the end.  All they have to do is protect Rob... It is somewhat true.  As long as they have the numbers, they will get farther.  But there is going to come a time that if they actually want to win, they will have to do something.  Rob has his work cut out for him once this merge goes down.  Zap will be trying feverishly to find a way to get rid of him and will think nothing of trying to shock these pansies into reality.  It might wake them up, but I still think Rob is fairly safe for now.  I expect to see at least Phillip, Ralph, David and possibly Julie go down before Rob.   I may be totally wrong here, but that's my feeling as of today....


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