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Apprently Survivor 23 was supposed to film in Tonga but producers decided to drop out due to lack of accomodations.

Fiji has been mentioned as a replacement

And who can forget the report from last year that the show was going to film in the Philippines.




Apparently Samoa will host the next two seasons.

Wish they'd use other exotic locations.

LINK or source please??

Reilly Queens:

--- Quote from: ~RealityTVistheBest~ on May 03, 2011, 01:42:19 PM ---Rumor, Jonny Fairplay will return for one of the seasons:


Not sure about the rumor though, as his wife quit WWE tough enough for the same reason as he did for quitting FvsF, would producers want to risk putting him on again?

--- End quote ---

Well I specifically remember in the Survivor HvV reunion that Fairplay wont ever come back, because Survivor doesn't bring back Quitters. So I would love to see him though. Hopefully his wife isn't pregnant again so we wont leave :)

Apparently Probst said on an interview they are running out of locations !


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