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2011 TAR: CHINA RUSH S2 is now calling for contestants

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TAR: China Rush(Season 2) is now calling for contestants.

~ English speakers are good.  No Chinese language skills required;
~ Estimated filming time from early May to June for 1 month;
~ Both of the applicants ought to be 18yrs old or above;
~ No reference to nationality, gender, age;

Download the application form at
Or Send your application with your pic to
Or upload your video application to   or [tag: chinarush]

Make sure put your valid email address and phone number, so we can contact you asap.

Deadline: 2011/04/08
Apply now and get free trip around CHINA!

WOW! :hearts:
But what should be written in our application form???? :duno:


--- Quote from: amazingracer24 on March 04, 2011, 02:42:41 AM ---WOW! :hearts:
But what should be written in our application form???? :duno:

--- End quote ---

I think you can  consult the application of American vesion.

In case you cannot download the application form sucessfully, here is a samle:

Contestant A/B
1. Your Name: __________________________________
2. Gender:   M   F
3. Date of Birth: _____(Day)/_____(Month)/_____(Year)    
4. Marital Status:  Single     Married     Other  
5. Country of Citizenship: _________________________
7. Native language: ______________________________
8. Other languages spoken: ______________
9.Mobile: _______________________________
10. E-mail address:_________________________
11. Your occupation: _______________________________
12. Your relationship with your teammate:
13. Do you have the following skills?
口Swimming     口Driving   口Skiing
14. Do you have any unique talents or special skills?
15. Personal Description (No More than 500 characters)

And we will send you back a full version of the application form soon.

When is the deadline of submission????? :duno: :duno: :duno: :duno:


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