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Author Topic: EP 6 East Coast SHOW updates and commentary **please read the rules**  (Read 14546 times)

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Re: EP 6 East Coast SHOW updates and commentary **please read the rules**
« Reply #100 on: March 29, 2011, 08:19:35 AM »
It does seem like the editors are going for more comedic edits for all the teams this year.

The trotters just tend to talk that way normally. Whether yelling encouragement to other teams or playing tricks on Mallory, or the slightly mean joking with Mika. I think talking like that is just part of them.
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Re: EP 6 East Coast SHOW updates and commentary **please read the rules**
« Reply #101 on: March 29, 2011, 04:35:44 PM »
But I also want to give props to the Globetrotters, a team that I started at first (season 16) liking (even if they are recognized as Trotters) but their sportsmanship with Mika was extremely off putting, and then after that they had their feud (and collision) with Sam and Dan. 

Now this season, even when they have known they were at the rear they have shown far, far greater class and sportsmanship.  I still don't like that they are "The Globetrotters" and not just Herb and Nat, but I really, really like them this season.

I agree, I feel that the Globetrotters are so much nicer this season. Actually, they haven't been nasty people. I guess it's just that their thrash-talking to Mika just put a lot of people off. This season, it seems that their nicer sides have been shown. One was of course their class act towards the other racers and Margie and Luke this episode. The other was during the first episode when the first flight to Australia got delayed. I remember Big Easy saying, "Well, we got delayed, but the man (who was ill and was the cause of the delay) is okay, and that's all that matters." I was impressed when he said that. I still do not really LIKE them, but my impression has definitely improved.
For me it wasn't just the Mika incident, how they reacted with Sam and Dan was far, far more confrontational then with any teams we are seeing here.  And unlike the Mika incident wasn't a one time event.


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