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David on Episode 511: Reality Television Wedding
Posted: December 1, 2012
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Rachel and Brendon. Wow is all I can say. It was a roller coaster ride from the moment I met Rachel and Brendon to the moment I said goodbye…well, it was actually really hard to say goodbye to my bride under a bar, passed out…I knew I was in for a crazy ride since they were reality stars, and for me it was challenging because I never quite knew if my bride and groom were real, or if they were just real reality stars–that’s different. Someone who is so used to be on reality television, they’re going to know what to turn on what they need to do for the cameras and that’s what made it hard to get to know who they were as a bride and groom. But as time went on and I got a chance to see a little bit more of Brendon and Rachel, they weren’t that bad. They were fun, they were real, they were honest, emotional, over-the-top, dramatic and everything you’d expect them to be, but for me it was kind of interesting because Rachel did bug me. She pushed me to do things I really didn’t want to do; some of the decisions that were made for her wedding were ones that I would never normally do for my bride. For example, putting her in an Aerial Lyra (a circular suspended hoop), floating overhead as the guests walked into her reception–a bit comical and not as elegant as I typically like my bride to be. Even the first dance as bride and groom was over-choreographed. They were trying to overachieve a retrospective dance throughout history. It was something I would highly recommend my bride and groom not to do, but there was no telling the two of them no. They were always going for shock value which is how they won Big Brother and how they tried to win Amazing Race. I did remind my bride and groom that there were rules to this game on My Fair Wedding and if they didn’t want to play by them, they were not going to get a David Tutera My Fair Wedding.

Ultimately, great wedding, great TV, lots of drama. But boy, did Rachel pull a fast one on me the night of the wedding: hiding under the bar, drunk, in a puddle of water in a multi-thousand dollar gown. I was upset but I came to find out as someone who doesn’t watch Big Brother, Rachel Reilly is known for hiding. She hid in the ocean, under furniture, in rooms…and ultimately, on My Fair Wedding, she hid under the bar. So Rachel Reilly is definitely good at being a reality TV star.

my fair wedding: helicopter arrival – deleted scene

DELETED SCENE- Guests at the wedding of Rachel and Brendon got their laugh on before the reception even started.

Wish I could figure out how to change this code to post the actual video


:cmas9 Christmas is coming early for all you BRENCHAL FANS! :cmas51

Eric from Realiyt Recaps  @Realityrecaps and I  @Ugotbronx wrapped up a VIDEO interview with Brendon and Rachel late last nite!! It was about the  My Fair Wedding! episode.   :xmas110

Once the video is edited and  uploaded (usually takes a day) I will post the youtube  here!   :xmas146

So just as a  little teaser..  I can say that not everything  in "REALITY TV" is how it really was prior to editing!(like we didnt know that)

So RealityFreakWill I will get you all caught up  once I am allowed  :cmas16

I will also say they are now allowed to post all the photo's of the wedding and event so Cindy of TAR @CindyCHalvo  along with Shelly of BB13 @ShellyMooreBB13  tweeted a bunch out since Sunday nite

Check in here for a special update as well  :cmas23

 OH and Rachel and Brendon gave MAJOR PROPS to RFF  in the interview!! :hoot:

so sit tight while  the video is being edited!

twitter pic credit to CindyChhalvo


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