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I ran across this on Facebook yesterday and posted it over in the Amazing Race forums. After thinking about it more, I thought I'd better post it here too.

Guess who is honeymooning in Aruba...Branden and Rachael from big brother and amazing race!!! We talked to them for quite awhile and took our picture with them..WOW he is very handsome and she is very pretty in person...It was so exciting.I saw her rings and his..He is getting ready to go back to school. They didn't seem to mind all the attention . Most people didn't seem to notice them but <name omitted - her husband> and I sure fun..oh yes I also won a drawing at the casino $$$$

Here's a link from a newspaper in Aruba that has a short story about Brendon and Rachel's honeymoon. It has a few pictures of them posing at the resort they are staying at.

A teaser pocture of the wedding from OK magazine. The article will be in the October 1st issue.

Brendon and Rachel celebrated their two month anniversary yesterday with a bottle of champagne and James Bond movie marathon!

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