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Brendon and Rachel filmed earlier today some sort of a documentary of their love story and upcoming wedding. Don't know who they were filming for, whether it was for a TV show or a website. Will update on that once I get the info.

Here's some pics....


Rachel Tweeted this earlier

http://www.ultimateweddingcontest.com/entry/147092 PLEASE VOTE FOR US FRIEND OR FRIENEMIES, LOVE US OR HATE US! WE REALLLLLLLLY WANT THIS!


Crate&Barrel the Ultimate Wedding contest

The Reality Of LOVE~

By: Rachel & Brendon
From: Las Vegas , NV
89 votes
for this entry.

StoryShareOur love story

Ours is a modern fairytale, having met on a TVshow & being locked away with each other. It was a fate fostered by TV & our love for science. We fought together against all odds, my knight saved me, &we continued our new public image, through trials we triumphed. We began on the set of a famous reality show but continue in the intimacy of our own home! Our proposal was one for the books, hot air balloon ride, and a proposal on the beach under the star he bought for me,his little star.

Three important details about our ultimate wedding.
The moment the sun sets and the sky turns pink-orange over Lake Las Vegas, we will be floating on a barge and exchanging our own vows. Then guests will be taken to a remote beach, where contemporary Vegas will be recreated with blackjack tables, a DJ&lounge performers, cocktails, food, and a beach bonfire with smores. Once the stars settle in the sky, we'll take to 75-ft houseboats on the water, as floating hotels with friends and family,where the celebration of our love, fun will continue.

Our ultimate dream home.
We are a contempory traditional couple and would decorate in dark woods and bamboo, with lots of natural light and soft light fixtures. We would love space for us to host dinner parties and celebrate life with family and friends. We would use inviting decorations with earthy feels, lavish textures, that promote a warm, sensual feeling. Most importantly, it would be a place for us to escape from the everyday and be able to relish our lives together, and entertain with friends.


Rachel filmed another scene for The Bold and the Beautiful earlier today. Will let you know when the airdate is.

Still no word on when the wedding is but preparations is ongoing. Per Ugot's previous post, they are trying to win the ultimate wedding package. Please vote for them!

Rachel filmed some scenes for a feature film today. She's not saying what the movie is.

Brendon is back on twitter, same ID as before but have to follow him again.

Brendon and Rachel are campaigning real hard for votes to win the Ultimate Wedding Package by Crate & Barrel.

They look happy don't they. I think it's great that Rachel is being asked back again for the B&B and now a part in a film! Good for her.  :tup:


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