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China Rush2-- 2011 SPOILERS and LIVE sightings!

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CR2 start racing around amazing China!!!Good luck teams!

Film time:May 12th-May13th
start line:Lujiazui central grassland,Shanghai(上海陆家嘴中央绿地)

Possbile Emilinated:Chinese mother/son(Not seen on Wuyuan leg)
                                          Red M-M team with black man and white man(Not seen on Wuyuan leg)


Possible Film time:May 14th
route info:go to Wuyuan by bus
Xiaojiang ancestral shrine (萧江祠堂)
Xiaoqi village(task: sth about tea)(晓起村)
Wolonggu waterfall(RB:climb?)(卧龙谷瀑布)
PS:Rainbow bridge(彩虹桥)

Possbile Emilinated:Chinese mother/son(Not seen on Wuyuan leg)
                                          Red M-M team with black man and white man(Not seen on Wuyuan leg)

Film time:May 17th
Mt taimu(got clue from a couple wear traditional custom)(太姥山)
Niulanggang beach(牛郎岗沙滩)
a reataurant(eat a king crab )

pitstop:Chinese Shezu Palace(中华畲族宫)
Possbile Emilinated:Chinese M/M team

Leg4:Ningde,Fujian(福建宁德)-Mt Danxia,Guangdong(广东丹霞山)
Film time:May 20th-May21th
task:hunt for chicken
lion dance?

PSYangyuan stone(阳元石)

Leg5:Mt Danxia,Guangdong(广东丹霞山)-Zhangjiajie,Hunan(湖南张家界)
Filn time:May 22th
Huanglong Cave(黄龙洞)
Baofeng Lake(宝峰湖)
Tianzi Hill(天子山)

Xianv Hill(仙女山)

PS:Wulong People Square(武隆人民广场)

RB at Chongqing

Yulong Snow Hill(玉龙雪山)
Gan hai zi(甘海子)
Blacj Dragon pool(黑龙潭)
PS:Wangu Lou(万古楼)


racer info: M-M team(young black man and white man) F-F team(blonde girl-black girl-Ukraine team)
3.grey M-F team(latin baby face boy and girl) M-F team(white man and Chinese woman)
5.grey M-M team(Chinese M-M team) F-F team(Chinese girls-Chinese sisters now studied  at Canada)
7.M-F team(Chinese mother/son) M-F team(Hao fei er -Sun Bin,Chinese M-F friends)
9.purple M-F team(young Chinese couple) M-M team(middle-aged M-M) M-F team(HK couple-Chinese couple)

Yippee!! :hearts:

CR2 start filming on May 8th!
Self-driving needed this season.

and we know Josh from CR1 will become one of production :hearts:

This time ,teams go to start line by this bus.
one team!M-M man with white man?

another team!M-F team...white man with asian girl?

3rd team!M-F team...we only got their foot. :lol:

Edit:I'm sorry that I sent pics to peach...she will help me post...plz wait...
start line is shanghai.

Here you go!! :waves:



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