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I need to be honest...

There is so many bautiful moments in the finale...
Show contentFrom the gang saying goodbye to Ted at the reception, the almost "haaaaave you met, Ted" moment with the Mother, their meeting under the umbrella, the reveal of the name, Marshall going all the way to Supreme Judge, knowing that Lily and Marshall would have their third child, knowing that Robin would get to travel the world as a worldwide reporter, the announcement of Tracy's pregnancy, the reproposal, Barney meeting his "one true love" with his daughter, that last picture mimicking the one from the intro
and you know what Yes, that last moment of the series, was beautiful to watch, but I can't feel anything but betrayed, I'm bitter about this finale, I understand why they did it, but still...
Show contenthaving this last few seasons building this relationship between Robin and Barney, that to be honest was hard to accept, making this entire season just about why Ted letting Robin go, that freaking Robin Balloon scene, letting his friends be happy together, accepting that Ted and Robin were not meant to be, all that for the first half of the finale to be about how and why they got divorced because their lifestyles were not compatible anymore, watching Barney go back to his roots almost like if nothing happened, is hard to believe, Barney's developement was something that I loved about this season, making me watch Barney say "Can I just be me" was hard, I didn't believe it, it felt like he was hiding his emotions, that he was dealing with his divorce in that way was just wrong to me, watchin Robin just slip away of the group because work and what have you, was weird, this is meant to be in the present, we have cellphones, they can't always hang out at Mclarens but don't tell me Robin didn't want to hang out with her friends and be part of their lifes and instead get 5 new dogs to make her company in her old apartement. I understand the death of the mother as something that could happen, but it didn't felt right, almost like she barely matter at the end, I like how the series ended up being about how Ted was actually trying to convince himself he was ready, and how the kids actually wanted him to move on with his life, and how they were ok with it, I don't mind that, but the mother's death felt meaningless. I have no reasons to believe in a future between Ted and Robin, are the dogs actually a reason for me to believe that she is done travelling the world? so if she is done with that, does that mean Barney would be ok with Ted and Robin, they got divorced because she was travelling, I don't believe Barney is happy living his Clooney years.
TL, DR: I love and hate this finale, it feels like this entire season meant nothing at all.

In some way, and maybe it's a total cliche, but the end missed a "passing the torch" scene between Tracy - when she was ill - and Robin. Not a very long one, but I feel that then the whole Robin/Ted final would fix better.


 ???  Read somewhere that for all nine seasons they kept the secret of the "mom" from all but one of the cast, the actor playing Ted.

Very sneaky how when speaking to the kids on the couch, he would always say "Aunt Robin".  Technically correct, as she was, at that time,  their "stepmom".   :snicker:

Something I found today on YT:;hl=es_

Alternative ending of the show. Apparently leaked from the DVD set to be released by the end of the month.;hl=es_


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