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How I Met Your Mother

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The Walking dead had their season finale yesterday, I've succesfully avoided spoilers about it to watch it air tonight but...

How I met your Mother, ends today, and I don't know if I will resist temptation, especially because they always post something about it in their facebook and twitter... I'm gonna try my best though  )-**

Just saw it. I have to say, the finale was very very bittersweet like the Lost finale. Part of me hates it, part of me loved it. Still, what a journey it has been. #HIMYM4Ever

Yeap. I read a commentary on about that according to what was the show the finale have its own logic. Maybe it's right, but I  couldn't help feeling the same bittersweet emotions once it ended.

Mug Costanza:
The internet hated the finale, but I actually loved it. :hrt:


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