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After allowing rumors to swirl over the past few weeks, CBS officially confirmed that it is preparing a spin-off on "How I Met Your Mother," which will wrap up in May 2014.

The network has confirmed that the creators of the original show, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, are developing the storyline for the new spin-off with help from "Up All Night" creator Emily Spivey.

"How I Met Your Dad" (rather than "How I Met Your Father," as announced by in October) will aim to tell a similar story to its sister series, which fans affectionately call "HIMYM," but from a feminine perspective. As suggested by the name, the show will focus on a mother telling her children the story of their parents' first encounter.

The cast of "How I Met Your Mother" will give way to a new group of New Yorkers taking the place of Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robin. The new protagonists will get together at a new bar rather than at the current "HIMYM" headquarters, MacLaren's, Carter Bays indicated on Twitter (@CarterBays).

Bays also said that the "How I Met Your Dad" cast will not be introduced at the end of "How I Met Your Mother." He did indicate, however, that the two generations of the show could come into contact through cameos and surprise guest appearances.

While the new series is being developed, US audiences can tune in for the very last season of "HIMYM," which premiered in September on CBS. Josh Radnor narrates the show in the role of Ted Mosby, telling his two children how he met their mother. The latter character, played by Cristin Milioti, finally made an appearance on the show in its final season.

Sounds horrid  :groan:

Anyway, back to HIMYM itself.

Am I the only one who really loves Season 9? :lol:

For someone who has felt the show's mediocrity on Season 6-8, I certainly loved 9. Unlike the 6-8, I can count the number of episodes I didn't like on one finger :lol:

Didn't notice this was here until now...

I love this show, I marathon pretty much seasons 1-6 when I first watched an episode of season 7...

Is soo good, I was/am a big fan of FRIENDS, and HIMYM gives me the same kind of enjoyment, laughters, the ability to care about the characters on the screen,  I love it... except for what they did to Ted's characters, making him more and more stupid for some reason.

But I will admit I'm waiting for the current season to end, I watched I think until episode 5 and got so annoyed by the stretching of the series, having an entire season develope in 2 days doesn't make any sense, marshal's road adventure is so out of place, but I will admit I always love Lily's "Thank you, Linus" (I think that was the bartender name), damn it I think I'm gonna go watch what I've missed... I've waited long enough.

I am totally love with the show.

Don't worry gamer, you are not the only one. I think Season 9 is one of the Season I enjoy a lot. Almost love every single episodes  :hrt:

Will end the journey next month  :'( :'(


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