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S22: Ep 2 : "You Own My Vote"

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--- Quote from: Kandace_KML on February 17, 2011, 06:42:07 PM ---BlackWhale says Francesca goes out pre merge, so maybe she stays this week?

but wouldn't it be hilarious if Phillip goes out and they duel?

also I wonder since we have a duel challenge preview, does the tribal council happen like halfway through?

--- End quote ---

From the spoilers I've been reading both tribes watch the duel challenge so that should be after Tribal but before combined RC/IC

Wow.....I really hope every duel is isolated and the tribes don't know who's returning until the time comes. I would prefer the last challenge mirrors the one in Survivor Phillipines season 2 where the last two inhabitants of RI make new shelter for the merged tribe and the merged tribe picks the best shelter without knowing who made it...the winner returns to the game.

Wow... Of all the seasons that I wished spoilers weren't true, only this season fulfilled my wish. And for the worse. Because I really wanted and expected Matt to go far but it didn't happen. One of the more surprising results IMO... =(

I was as shocked as he was!! :o

This episode was good. But not that great.

Characters I LOVE/HATE:

1. Boston Rob and Russell - LOVE. Nuff said.
2. Kristina and Francesca - LOVE. Although they got less screentime this episode.
3. Phillip - HATED Episode 1. LIKED Episode 2. He's an entertainment gold
4. Ralph - SEETHING HATE. He's annoying. Russell, please kick his butt!
And oh, if Ralph turns out to be a great player, we have another male 'R' joining the ranks of Rob and Russell.
5. Stephanie (or the girl allied with Russell) - LOVE. I know that sometime soon, she will be the cause of Russell's elimination.
6. Matt - BORING. ANNOYING. Francesca, please kick his butt.


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