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S22: Ep 2 : "You Own My Vote"

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I finally caught this episode.

Lesson learnt: Don't be friendly with the enemy. Not even one tinge of friendliness. Especially if your own tribe just lost a challenge.

Matt, learnt it the hard way.

And i'm glad too. He's so dull as compared to Philip or Kristina. Okay, no doubt I HATE PHILIP.. but seriously, this guy makes me want to WATCH the show to HATE him and wait to see when he gets voted out.

I never thought i'll say this.. but i'm a big Rob fan now. Big BIG FAN.

Russell, you don't just keep saying you KNOW how to play the game when your game play is always the same, 2 dumb girls and HIIs???

Take a leaf or two from Rob please. :res:


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