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Another question is about spending. Usually in which country do the crew spend most money?

Is it the case that TAR fans dislike football? They usually share the same time slot.


--- Quote from: jetishidae on November 19, 2013, 12:18:18 PM ---Remember the taking order in Chinese detour?
Does the subtitle of what Jen & Kisha said is for real or just for the humor?

Speaking of Jen & Kisha, where did Kisha stated that she's gay?

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--- Quote ---Reality TV World: LaKisha, a couple of weeks ago there was a story about how you're openly gay but how that wasn't featured anywhere in the [show]. Was that your decision or was that someone else's decision?

LaKisha: I think it was CBS' decision just because this is a race so I think [the teams] have certain labels and we were 'the athletic sisters' and they really wanted to focus on that aspect of our relationship.  And I think they did a great job of that because from the beginning of the race with us adjusting to each other to the end of the race [with] us really supporting and working well as a team, I think they really captured that.

And you know, it's just one of those things where I have big breadth. There's different characteristics of me that make me who I am, from being a woman, to being African-American, to being a sister... it could be as a teacher... it could be as a lesbian.  You know there's so many aspects of me so I guess they picked what they felt would really be fitting for us at that moment.

No, that wasn't my decision because my family knows about me and my friends know about me.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: According to a CBS spokesperson, LaKisha's sexual orientation would have "definitely" been mentioned if it had been deemed, similar to the gay father and son team of Mel and Mike White, to be a "major story point" of her The Amazing Race participation.  The show has also similarly not noted the orientation of openly gay "Mother and Son" team member Luke Adams, the spokesperson noted.]
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Could teams exchange money at the pitstop, for example, which means they don't need to take their time for doing so during the race?

In the first leg of S24 fans reported that many teams, instead of exchanging money in banks, did so with fans even if it meant to lose some money they could have got (e.g. a team exchanged 60 dollars for 298 RMB).


--- Quote from: SuperTux on November 21, 2013, 02:51:48 AM ---

Another question is about spending. Usually in which country do the crew spend most money?

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Most likely Japan (especially Tokyo), but maybe Italy would be the most expensive for the crew.


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