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If a team has 2 EPs, are they allowed to NOT give it away and just let it expire on the 4th/5th leg?

No, they have to. They can choose not to use theirs but if they don't give the second one away, I'm sure they can't check-in or receive a penalty, or maybe have to wait by the mat for another team to arrive, hand them the pass, before they can check-in. That will reduce their choice on who gets the Express Pass though, and also, they will be delayed for their Pit-start next next.

What's on my mind is whether or not perhaps, Tim and Marie can stick the Express Pass on perhaps... let's say the U-TURN board and write a note saying that the Express Pass is for a particular team. I know we have seen seasons where a last team had all their money taken away from them on a NEL, and teams on the following leg left money in the cluebox at the start of the next leg of the race. Can't remember which season... is it Season 7 where teams left money for Meredith and Gretchen except for Rob and Amber?

What will happen if more than 1 team received a 24-hour penalty? (Almost impossible example: 5 teams have an alliance that they'd all buy 1st class tickets, because the next flight leaves more than 12 hours after the 1st one.)

Last team to check in eliminated and the rest 12 hours behind the other teams? idk :lol:


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