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We just have to deal with it? There are teams who came in last and all they had to do for Speedbump was to untie a bunch of tangled ropes :res: while some teams had to solve a really hard puzzle in Malawi or in the worst Speedbump IMO ever, serve water to loads of people in India, which the traffic was just time wasting and the people were countless!

I understand where you are getting from, but this is just like any "THIS LEG IS NOT OVER" legs like in TAR 7, TAR 9 and many of the earlier seasons... it would have been lame if Phil actually told the teams they are the last team to arrive, this is a keep racing leg... BUT YOU GET A SPEEDBUMP... right? (considering he doesn't announce like the prize that the first team won and send them off immediately)

Other than TBC legs, are there any other twists accidentally created?

There have not been many twists on TAR as compared to Survivor... :funny:

At the starting line Phil said that the second express pass to be handed over before the end of the fifth leg. And we have heard Marie say that she will not hand it over until on the mat of the fifth leg. Now I wonder what will happen if there is no other team around when they get to the mat. Will they be penalized for checking in without giving it away? Can/will they just wait for the next team?

I suspect Tim and Marie have until the last team checks in on the fifth leg; but that's just a guess on my part. As the team with the Express Passes, there probably was an unseen instruction sheet about handing over the second pass to another team, and trying to avoid the possibility that the team holding both Express Passes gets eliminated before handling the second one over to another team.


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