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So here's a question.  Lately, we've gotten Zero Hour Pit Stops which are essentially non-elimination Legs, but with no penalties for the last place team.

These Zero-Hour Pit Stops, I think are different from the original TBC/double/superlegs because now they actually do treat these as officially Pit Stops and separate Legs, unlike before when it was clear teams continue Racing ("This Leg is not over...", etc.).

So, should those last place teams get a Speed Bump?
And if it's just to save money on an extra task, then I'd rather they go back to the superleg format with no prize for the first place team (more savings!) and the Leg continues with Phil merely a Route Marker.  Does that make sense? Am I overthinking it?  Does the distinction matter?  :nut:

It's supposed to be a ripoff of the superleg so that's why there aren't speedbumps.

The only difference is that they started giving out prizes OFFICIALLY and announcing the positions of the teams (Margie and Luke, season 18) when in the past, it's just teams arrived at the pit-stop, BUT THE RACE IS NOT OVER YET, KEEP RACING. However, teams actually did receive prizes for the TBC legs, where Jaime and Cara won something for theirs on TAR 14... just that in the past it's not shown.

Yeah, but prize or not, those "keep racing" legs I feel like, are one whole, superleg. While now, we get a non-elimination Leg and a regular Leg just with no "mandatory rest period," so the last place team should still get a Speed Bump?

The "double leg" of the early seasons has evolved, folks.

Keep in mind that around TAR 14 to 18 the mandatory 12 hour rest period became a thing of the past, and that since there's no minimum period for a rest period between legs, there can be no rest period, which is what we saw, twice, in the season where those were introduced.

The use of "keep racing" continues from TAR 9, I believe as in TAR 6 the double leg was an improvisation in Hungary that happened to work. So I suspect that is where some of the confusion is coming from. The "keep racing" used to introduce the midpoint of a double leg; now it signifies when a no rest period pit stop takes place.

Don't overthink this, folks, it really isn't that hard to figure out; and we haven't seen a traditional double-length leg since the last visit to Sydney, IIRC.


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