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It could well be 24 if you took 2 teams from 4 seasons and 3 from another. I just hope tar never ends and if it does they either have every winning team :D :D or 11 best ever teams for overall brilliance! :colors

Are there any restrictions on how much clothing (including gloves) and simple first aid supplies (band-aids, daily meds & vitamins) you can bring in an Amazing Race backpack or is it just how much you can fit in there?

You can bring a steamer trunk if you want, lol. But there is a required first aid box that must be carried as well.

I think I remember Phil saying in an interview they could bring 4 bags if they wanted, but they had to lug them around.
I think I'd try bring as much as little but a bag that you can carry or pull  along with you.

This may sound stupid, but in TAR12, how did production actually find rental donkeys in Alaska for the final Roadblock? :lol:


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