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Mister RC:

--- Quote from: SteKay on September 02, 2013, 11:29:23 AM ---Pam/Winnie had more personality than the top 4 together. Only Pwinnie & Youtubers seemed to have personalities (Sorry other racers)

--- End quote ---

IMO, Max and Katie were pretty much up there in terms of personality.  At least for Max, he embraced the "villain" role, somewhat similar to Colin of TAR5 fame.  Jennifer and Caroline might get an honorable mention, but other than that, meh.  J/C did have a lot more personality compared to 65% of the racers since 2001.

I think if anyone would return outside the YouTube team, Pam/Winnie, and whomever else, it would be John & Jessica. Boring, I guess so, but based on their run and their decision that ended their run, it would make a lot of sense.

As for a racers return season, 25 would be great, but the show didn't really do much for "landmark" seasons 5, 10, 15, and 20.  Although TAR5 didn't need anything; it was historic on its own.  TAR10 was great due to the most diverse cast ever, IMO.

I think they might target 26 before 25, due to a spring run (and May sweeps).  But in all likelihood, I would not be surprised to see new racers over the next five seasons.

It could well be 24 if you took 2 teams from 4 seasons and 3 from another. I just hope tar never ends and if it does they either have every winning team :D :D or 11 best ever teams for overall brilliance! :colors

Are there any restrictions on how much clothing (including gloves) and simple first aid supplies (band-aids, daily meds & vitamins) you can bring in an Amazing Race backpack or is it just how much you can fit in there?

You can bring a steamer trunk if you want, lol. But there is a required first aid box that must be carried as well.

I think I remember Phil saying in an interview they could bring 4 bags if they wanted, but they had to lug them around.
I think I'd try bring as much as little but a bag that you can carry or pull  along with you.


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