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--- Quote from: Jimmer25 on July 14, 2013, 01:06:11 PM ---Using an Express Pass on a Detour and being U-Turned is a commonly debated topic. Some people say that they skip the whole Detour and don't do the other side of the Detour. Others say what Theo said. I think that the only way we will know for sure is if that comes up on the actual race.

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they skip one side i.e.: Ernie and Cindy in TAR 19.. i say that the UTURN acts like a RI and if they get there after being UTURND then they go back while if they get there and they are not uturned then they go on their merry way

Just wondering if anyone knows why Seasons 12-14 were only 11 legs long?

CBS was cheapo :lol:

And counting the superleg, TAR14 was 12 legs long. :tup:


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--- Quote from: Declive on July 14, 2013, 03:00:30 AM ---I think they tried to perform each detour twice , actually.

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OK then, that's four. Thanks Declive. :lol:

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No, three. :lol:

Detour A - Switch 1 - Detour B - Switch 2 - Detour A - Switch 3 - Detour B - Quit

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Adding on, in TAR14's Guilin leg (M/L & K/J fight), Jaime & Cara technically switched back and forth. They chose "Choreography" first, but then they wanted to go do "Calligraphy" after failing the routine twice. However, Cara's smart idea of continuing until the music stops led them back to doing "Choreo".

What is the penalty for flying to the wrong airport? (Hypothetical Question like for example, in TAR 18 Kent & Vyxsin somehow like flew directly to Lijiang Airport)


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