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--- Quote from: αirlinesguy on June 18, 2013, 06:08:01 AM ---I don't know if this has been asked but...

If you use the EP on the DT, can you be U-Turned?

My theory is no, because you have to choose a DT first and then you have to use the EP, you can't just magically conjure a clue from the Detour cluebox.

Thanks for your thoughts <3

--- End quote ---

The Wiki isn't helping in this friendly argument either

My theory is that it is because you're skipping the Route Marker when using the EP, so by using it, you're effectively skipping the entire Detour as you're using the EP on part of it, so when you get U-Turned there's no task to go back to as the EP has effectively let you skip the Detour

I think we've been arguing about this for about 20 mins and we just want an answer :lol:

Just my spec: Isn't the Express Pass used to skip a TASK? You can't use it to skip a general Route Info clue, you can only bypass Active Route Infos. TASK =/= CLUE. So I think you should be able to be U-turned even if you've used it before the U-turn, because you only skipped one of the detour tasks, not both. Hasn't there been talk before of flushing Express Passes with U-turns?

Though peach or someone else probably has asked some former racer, I'm interested what others with actual info have to say :lol:

A couple of points to consider. Teams are told ahead of time in that leg that a U-Turn is ahead.
A team can conceivably use the Express Pass at the point where they have to choose a Detour task; which would allow them to go to the next Route Marker. I would assume that would be the point at which they encounter the U-Turn sign, and if they're playing the Express Pass correctly, that team ought to be able to use a U-Turn on another team, or choose not to use it at all. Until the circumstances arise in a Race, I'm not entirely sure anyone except Bert and Elise can answer that question.

I have another question that's not as stupid as my previous one, :res: .

What does it mean when there is "limited amount of flights" to a certain country? Phil said it during Pit Stop departures from Accra, Ghana to Kiruna, Sweden. Couldn't teams just take connecting flights from the UK, France or Germany into Kiruna?

It could be a production imposed set of limited flights, or it could well be that the airlines have themselves only scheduled a limited number of flights out of that airport to international destinations.
The only way to tell is to check the online airline guides for that airport at that time of year to see whether it is a lack of flights or a producer imposed restriction. At least, Phil is acknowledging, one way or the other, that the Racers are faced with limited flight choices.


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